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Sunday, 10 April 2011

A guide for miners

Hi guys, here is another guide to be a miner.

1. Collect small bush stumps / small sticks, small tree stumps , small stones, small leaves.
2. Make a stone pickaxe (2 small sticks = handle  / 2 small bush stumps = handle , 2 stones = cut stone , handle + cut stone = Stone Pickaxe) , a crude oil filter (small bush stump + hemp + rope)
3. Collect crude oil and process it using the crude oil filter to create oil
4. Make a oil torch (handle + hemp + oil)
5. Create a raft (small tree stump + small tree stump = hull , hull = Raft)
6. Sail to either plateau, the new island (Sorry, I do not know the name of the new island) , mainland, paradise (also known as berry island and waterfall island) , rockma or canyon and mine there
7. Sell them to other people for food and other stuff!

-Optional stuff-
8. Create a forge for yourself (recipe will not be disclosed)
9. Make iron, steel or even mithril pickaxe with the forge to make mining easier
10. You may want to make weapons to defend yourself or huts to store your ores.

Guide for bakers

Hi guys, here's another guide to be a baker.

1. Get stones, small tree stumps, small leaves, large leaves and wheat.
2. Create these tools : Flint (Stones + stones = Cut stone. Cut stone + Cut stone = flint) , Canteen (Small leaves + small leaves = Hemp , Hemp = canteen).
3. Craft a raft (2 small tree stumps = Hull, Hull = Raft) and sail to paradise (also known as berry island or waterfall island)
4. Craft a mill (2 small tree stumps = Wall, 2 small tree stumps + large leaf = mill)
5. Create wheat bundles (wheat + wheat ) and put them in the mill
6. Use your canteen on water and fill it up
7. Use your canteen with water on the flour that comes out of the mill and turn it into dough
8. Create Uncooked bread by crafting the dough. (Dough create tool = uncooked bread)
9. Get a small leaf and light it using your flint (may take a few tries)
10. Put your bread on it and when it is cooked(changes to a nice beige colour) , remove it and it is ready to be eaten!
11. Process a large leaf and then plant wheat in it (Large compost + Wheat seed)
12. You may want to make plenty of bread and then sell it for other stuff
13. You should build huts (same recipe as mill) to store your food
14. You should also make a battle club for protection (2 small bush stump = Large handle , Large handle create tool = battle club)

Hope you enjoyed this guide! :)

Guide to success

Here's what I would normally do when I start out:

1. Forage small leaves, large leaves, small bush stumps, small tree stumps, small sticks , sand , corn, wheat (and its seeds).
2. Get tools like firemaking bow, bucket, battle club (for protection) , stone pickaxe.
3. Build buildings like granary, tower, lumber mill, mud well, bakery. (Some are for architecture leveling)
4. Mine for Mithril, gold, coal, iron
5. Head to a island and set up a base
6. Start making corn bread, corn cobs , bread, berry juice, apple juice and pies.
7. Build buildings like forge, quarry , medieval stuff, and anything else I feel like building
8. Create mithril knife, mithril pickaxe, mithril axe, steel bucket , steel sword + anything else I want to
9. Start owning and defending other people
10. You might want to be a viking ;)

Disclaimer : Other may attack you before you get your defenses up. Also, this is done single-handedly over 3-4 hours, so if you do not have time, try getting a tribe member to help you if you want. The order can be done differently depending on your preference.

You might want to set the rules I set when a someone wants to join you:
No stealing (Includes moving stuff away without consent)
No killing
No burning
No eating/drinking without telling me (Ok, I'm a bit fussy over this one ;) )

Hope you have a great time owning. (The recipes that I use will NOT be posted as it is way to powerful... )


Oh well, here are some starter ones.

Med Handle + Cut Stone = Stone Hnt Spear/Javelin
Handle + Cut Stone = Stone Axe / Stone Pickaxe
Cut Stone + String = Stone Knife
Large handle = Battle Club
Hemp = Canteen
Small Bush Stump + Hemp + Rope = Crude Oil Filter
Handle + Hemp = Crude Oil Torch (not confirmed)
Cut stone + Cut stone = Flint
Handle + String = Crude Rod
String + String + String = Net
Wall + Wall + Large Leaves = Hut / Granary / Mill
2 Mud walls + Large leaf = Mud Well
Glass Cup + Berry + Berry = Berry Juice

These items should help you get a rather surviving tribe. (Not successful to a large extend)


Welcome people. If you find this blog, congratulations as I will be posting LOTS of tips here. Hope You enjoy!